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ACN Digital Phone Service

Communicate via the internet while taking advantage of significant call savings!

ACN Smart

ACN Smart allows you to customize your calling plan to meet your specific calling needs. It all starts with a base plan which includes 500 national minutes shared between fixed line and mobile destinations. Depending on your calling needs, you can either stop here, or choose from our three international zone bolt-ons for a low monthly rate. If you happen to use more minutes than your bundle allows, no problem! A 50% discount off the retail rate will be applied to international calls outside the bundle.
Learn more about the international bolt-ons.
Important note: You will need an Internet connection with a minimum bandwidth speed of 128 kbps to enable the ACN Digital Phone Service.
* The activation fee is discounted. If customer does not remain an ACN Digital Phone Service customer until the end of the initial contract period of 12 months, ACN will charge the normal activation fee of £ 33.95 incl. VAT upon termination.

Easy to install device that works with traditional phones
Connect the ACN Phone Adaptor to your router and telephone. This will enable you to use your telephone the same way you did before while benefiting from ACN’s low rates!

Keep enjoying the traditional telephone functions
Call Waiting, 3-Way Conferencing, Number Display (Caller ID), Speed Dial, Call Forwarding and Voicemail.

Additional Product Information
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ACN Digital Phone Service Troubleshoot Guide

Old Price Plans
Digital One
Digital Plus
ACN smart (February 12th 2015 to June 16th 2015)

Instructions on how to use the ACN Phone Adaptor
ACN Phone Adaptor Quick Installation Guide
ACN Phone Adaptor Limited Warranty
ACN Phone Adaptor Easy Features Guide

ACN Linksys SPA2102 Phone Adaptor
Quick Install Guide

Instructions on how to use the Videophone
• ACN IRIS X Videophone
- User Manual
- Quick Reference Guide
- Wi-Fi Instructions
- Quick Installation Guide
- Limited Warranty

• ACN IRIS 5000 Videophone
- User Manual
- Quick Installation Guide
- Limited Warranty

• ACN IRIS 3000 Videophone
- User Manual
- Quick Installation Guide
- Limited Warranty

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ACN Code of Practice
DSA Code of Practice for Consumers
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Moving House
If you would like to connect with ACN's services at your new address, please contact the Customer Services department.

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